May 2013 – Alexa Top Million PageRank Check

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The May Alexa Top 1 million sites PageRank check has now been completed and a summary of the analysis of the data follows.The Alexa list includes 1 million URLs, however this was stripped to the domain level and duplicates were removed therefore you will see less than 1 million PageRank checks in the results. The checks were completed over a number of days in May using multiple proxies. There were a few malformed URLs in the list that did not resolve so no PageRank value was recorded for them.

Total URLs Checked: 989519

Data by PageRank

PageRank Total Percentage
0 147894 14.95%
1 93172 9.42%
2 121674 12.30%
3 155212 15.69%
4 148628 15.02%
5 99471 10.05%
6 51171 5.17%
7 14691 1.48%
8 2725 0.28%
9 330 0.03%
10 26 0.00%
Invalid URL 1486 0.15%
N/A 153039 15.47%


Data By Root Domain

Extension Total Percentage
.com 505106 51.05%
.net 55893 5.65%
.ru 48706 4.92%
.org 39165 3.96%
com 24811 2.51%
.de 22350 2.26%
.cn 18247 1.84%
.uk 17917 1.81%
.jp 17681 1.79%
.br 16513 1.67%
.info 13115 1.33%
.pl 13075 1.32%
.in 12822 1.30%
.fr 9587 0.97%
.it 9079 0.92%
.nl 8429 0.85%
.au 8026 0.81%
.ir 6720 0.68%
.es 5959 0.60%
.ua 5012 0.51%


PageRank by Domain Extension

Extension PR 5 PR 6 PR 7 PR 8 PR 9 PR 10 Total
.com 47421 19823 4236 649 83 9 72221
.org 5554 5023 1966 364 42 5 12954
.net 3890 1464 342 55 17 5768
.de 3056 1563 441 85 4 5149
.ru 3073 1039 178 31 5 4326 1842 674 113 24 4 2657
.edu 755 1191 376 82 5 2409
.fr 1128 740 313 65 5 2251
.it 1277 561 222 45 1 2106 1513 456 48 8 2025
.nl 1134 608 193 28 1963
.jp 1459 385 49 6 1 1900
.pl 1224 424 65 2 1715 978 518 120 12 1628 1028 374 55 6 2 1465 751 548 150 9 3 1461
.es 717 463 198 60 10 1 1449
.cn 859 445 119 20 5 1448
.ca 609 569 196 42 1416 334 642 185 60 6 1 1228


Key Findings

  • PageRank 3 had the highest percentage share with 15.69%.
  • There were only 26 PageRank 10 sites in the list.
  • .com made over 50% of the total extensions listed in the top 1 Million Alexa list.
  • There were also over 24,000 .com subdomains that appeared in the top 1M Alexa list.
  • No surprise that .com dominates the top PageRank sites followed by .org

Download the RAW Data Here: Alexa PageRank Data

Download the source URL list: Alexa Top Million



PageRank Online Tools

Bulk Pagerank Tool

This  is a windows based peice of software. All you need to do is upload a text file with a list of URL’s and the software will find the PageRank for you. Very handy for checking backlinks as well as expired domains. Have tested this tool with a 1000 URL’s at time.

Check Page Rank

Basic PageRank checker. This site offers link building services that can guarantee an increase in PageRank. Prices start from $105.00

Smart PageRank

Email sent automatically if PageRank™ is updated, also checks multiple datacentres and 100% free.


Check if a PageRank of site is real or fake, Alexa Ranking, Domain Listing in DMOZ or Yahoo, Backlinks tally with and without www on all major Search Engines, indexed pages and option to add PageRank button to your site.

PR Informer

Not a bad tool at all, except for the choice of colors on the website.  Some of the text is hard to see. This tool is quite good in that it allows multiple datacentres to be checked at once. This tool is probably useful if your in the middle of a PageRank update or there is a problem with a datacentre pushing PR values. Can be slow but this is expected.

Dig Pagerank

This is a multi datacentre Pagerank Tool. It has over 700 datacentre IP addresses and allows you to select different IP groups to lookup. Not the fastest tool but it is very neatly presented.

URL Trends

This tool keeps a history of the PageRank for your domain. It updates on a monthly basis and has other features like, backlinks, pages indexed and Alexa ranking. You can also register to have access to other features and get updates of changes.


Simple PageRank tool, just enter your url and enter. Also has PageRank icons available for people to place on their pages.

The Visual PageRank

This tool will put the page you entered in a frame and for all the internal links it will display a PageRank bar showing its value. If you have used Google Analytics this tool is displayed in a similiar way to the site outlay feature.

PR Search – This tool will allow you to do a search and return the results from Google with the relevant PageRank for each URL. Great tool for comparing PageRanks of the tpo ranking websites.

MyPagerank.Net – MyPagerank.Net was created to enable webmasters to easily find out PageRank on their pages without using the Google toolbar.

SEOchat – PageRank Lookup

One of my favorite tools. You can check the PageRank of up to 100 domains simultaneously. I refer to it as the bulk PageRank tool.

iWebTool – PageRank Prediction

This tool can be flaky, have used it a few times and encountered problems with it unable to calculating the current PageRank and the Future PageRank.

Visual PageRank

Using this tool will enable you to view all the links along with the pageranks of the entered URL.

Google PageRank Report

The Google PageRank Value Report will return the Google PageRank values for the list of urls you enter into the form below. You can check up to 10 URLs at a time. Site is littered with ads and requires entering a captcha.

Check Page Rank – (Offline)
Easily and quickly view the Google PageRank of any web site. The site has a PageRank script thay webmasters can put on thier site to inform their visitors what the toolbar PageRank is currenty.

Internal Pagerank Tool (Offline)
Check the PR of all indexed pages from your website. This tool will spider your pages and perform a PageRank lookup on each of the URLs. Site is occasionaly down.

Online Bulk Pagerank Tool – (Offline)
PageRank determines a website’s importance in the search engines. Having a high page ranked website means the search engines consider your site to have authority for certain keyword phrases. Having high PageRank will allow you to sell links at a higher premium.

Page Rank Monitor – (Offline)
PageRank (PR) Monitor is a FREE web service allowing you to crawl an website (up to 500 pages) and display the Google™ PageRank™ (PR) for each page of the website.

PR Checker – (Offline)
Basic single PageRank checker. Has the ability for webmasters to add a PageRank button on to their website. Site has hosting and domain name related ads on the left hand corner.

Live Pagerank – (Offline)
This is a very fast multi datacentre PageRank lookup tool. It checks 50 random Google IP addresses at a time showing the highst and lowest PageRank and gives you an average. Very simple
design in green and white.

Blogflux – (Offline)
Site that claims to have a pagerank tool.

PageRank is a website dedicated to the code behind Google’s little green bar. Here you will find tools and software to help you display the Google PageRank on your site or lookup other sites. The site also provides PageRank services in which you can request bulk lookups.